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Does this Sound Like You?

As a key decision-maker I bear full responsibility for the organization’s success or failure, but I am unable to control most of its determinants.

As a key decision-maker I have more authority than anyone else, but I am unable to exercise it without evoking unintended consequences.

As a key decision-maker I am often unsure of what is going on; I learn most concerns and dissenting views through the grapevine rather than directly.

As a key decision-maker I am unaware about what the next challenge is going to be and I cannot get excited about it either.

Anticipated Outcome is the definition of purpose; the impulse behind our behavior that gives expression to who we truly are — our Brand.

We create Authentic Solutions™ that help our clients walk their talk. Our mission is to help them discover solutions inside their own organization that are already waiting to be applied to a particular challenge they face. These solutions are Authentic because they reinforce the organization’s strategic direction, and generate synergy within existing business processes, but above all, Authentic Solutions solve Root Causes.

Root Causes are the source of your challenges as opposed the symptom or effect of that challenge. Addressing root causes prevents challenges from lingering around for years and rearing their ugly heads when least expected and most inconvenient to deal with.

The benefit of having Anticipated Outcome create Authentic Solutions to your Root Causes is that it helps making a significant contribution to your:

  • Top-Line results
  • Bottom-Line result
  • Retention of Key-employees See Services

What They Are Saying…

"Although all businesses must make a profit to survive, Hans is encouraging us to really understand the true purpose of our company and how we will achieve that. His organic approach to business structure and how it relates to business outcomes has been jolting and exhilarating. That Hans is inspiring is an understatement. We've enjoyed working with him tremendously."
—Marie McFarland, Principal, American Wave Machines, Inc.

Hans Norden, Anticipated Outcome

Hans Norden

Hans Norden is a forward-thinking expert on organizational innovation, who educates, consults and coaches decision-makers of privately owned middle market companies, on their strategic and structural change-initiatives. As a professional speaker, he has delivered keynote addresses to executives, professionals and entrepreneurs in banking, asset management, commercial real estate, information technology and management accounting. His consulting career started with ING Group (banking and insurance), at their head-offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where he received his expert training through Cap Gemini (now Ernst & Young) in change management and information analysis. In his upcoming book "Betting on People", Hans draws from his personal experience, insights and studies, when describing the process of creating authentic solutions™ to reducing the unintended and unwanted consequences of high-level management decisions on business performance, commonly known as human error. Hans Norden is the founder of Anticipated Outcome, a San Diego, California based leadership consulting and project design company.

Please contact at Hans@AnticipatedOutcome.com or (858) 764-1969.

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What They Are Saying…

"The one comment that still resonates with me, and I will always think of as I assess my organization's systems and the improvements that we are looking to make, is 'Human error is not the cause of failure, it is the symptom of a failing system'; you are so right."
—Jon Schwartz, COO, Commercial Real Estate Brokerage